OK, so you’re starting or running a business.

One of the most common problems amongst us is the amount of information our brain has to compute at the same time. You can have a planner, a white board, Google Calendar, even a secretary.

Too much information needed to constantly retain can lead to anxiety, which can lead to depression. Going in that path can even lead to a burnout. At the moment I’m writing this article, I have 4 Companies with over 30 employees. All of these employees have my phone number, and the problems never stop.

Here are a 6 things to help your busy brain cope with the existing or upcoming problems:

1. Over Organize Everything

Do not take this first step lightly. I think one of the main reasons of burn out will be the lack of organization in a working environment. Label things, categorize them, and hold your team accountable to the organization. There is a reason why Japan is one of the leading nations in development. Have you been to a Japanese household? It’s immaculate. Do not live or work in clutter.

2. Do Not Live In The Past

Actively try to live in the present. Anytime you catch your mind going to the past, stop yourself and come back to now. A big problem new entrepreneurs face is to be scared of what has happened in the past, or not be able to move into the future. Always think of today first. You make the choices of what happens tomorrow, only if you think about today.

3. Have Coping Mechanisms

Understand this: You will have extremely stressful spots in your business owning career. If you have coping mechanisms, like a pet or a TV show, write them down on a list. Literally make a list of your coping mechanisms Whenever you hit a significant stressful spot, start going down that list. Do realize this could hurt you if you start over using that list. Only refer to your coping list in times of dire need.

To be truly honest with you, I use CBD products to get myself out of a stressful zone. I found THC significantly destroys my productivity, so I only use CBD oils. You can buy CBD online, and in a lot of local stores. I use CBDOilBuy.com. They ship the fastest I’ve used so far.

4. Have a Wider View

When your focus is narrow, you start worrying about an issue you can solve. When you broaden your view, you can solve problems in a more systematic way, or even realize they are not problems to begin with. Think, will you still care about this problem in a month or two? If not, take it easy.

5. Keep Tight Finances

        The biggest mental blocks you will have in your career is when you stress about money. Budget your life, and your projects. Refer to our article “Creating a Project Budget” to gain some ideas on how to budget properly. If you have large recurring expenses, chances are you will stress much more. Keep your budget tight, and always be in knowledge of it.

Sometimes it’s better to get a personal loan to add all your debt to one loan. You might pay less interest in total, and have one payment to worry about rather than multiple. I recommend PersonalLoans.com. All the lending companies are pretty similar, it’s who makes the easiest process that I like using.

6. Never Stop Moving

        The working iron doesn’t rust. You will hit big mental blocks when you stop moving or engaging your brain. Even if you have a big to-do list, they might be more of chores rather than engaging activities. Keep active in things you like to do, so when it comes time to do things you don’t, you will do them without a burnout.


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